T-posts, Poultry/Rabbit Crates, Tools & Farm Accessories

Whether you are looking for T-posts, Post drivers, poultry and rabbit crates, tools or farm accessories for sale or you are looking for information on how to install a fence post properly, the team from Alaska Farm Supply can help you.

To find out more information about our farm fence post products, get in touch with our team today. We would love to help you find the perfect steel fence posts for your unique requirements.

Each of our products on this site is designated either ‘Stocked’ or ‘Ordered’. Stocked products are normally available for purchase at Alaska Farm Supply. Ordered products can be brought to our yard for purchase in 3 to 6 weeks. There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for ordered products.

Heavy Duty 7′ T-Posts (Stocked Product), $9.79

Now available in black with 8" stabilizer plates. Heavy duty steel & high-quality industrial primer & paint that's made for Alaska!

Heavy Duty 9′ T-Posts (Stocked Product), $13.99

Now available in black 9′ with 8" stabilizer plates. Heavy duty steel & high-quality industrial primer & paint that's made for Alaska!

Heavy Duty 10′ T-Posts (Stocked Product), $14.50 & $14.99

Now available in black! Heavy duty 10' steel T-Post made from powder coated steel (1.33lbs per ft). Used to support welded panels, wire & fences. Durable, long-lasting & resistant to corrosion. Available with or without 8″ stabilizer plate.

Heavy Duty T-Post Driver (Stocked Product), $39

30lbs & made with 8 gauge industrial grade steel! This means that it takes less effort because gravity will do the job. Just lift the driver & drop! Two large tapered handles also make it comfortable to hold.

FastLok Wire Connectors (Stocked Product), $3

Easy, convenient & reusable, able to be retightened & perfect for ends, brace wires & splices. Designed for 10.5 to 14.5 gauge wire.

Long & Short Panel Connectors (Stocked Product), $6.50

Heavy Duty & designed to last for panels & gates. These are super heavy-duty steel unlike like box store brands.

Buckle & J-Clips (Stocked Products), $5

High Quality Alaska tough Buckle & J-Cips are excellent for cage, chicken tractor, fence repair and much more!

Nesting Box (Arriving Mid October), $23

Easy to clean & durable. Curved roof prevents roosting, sloped floor for drainage & air holes provide ventilation. Mounts easily to wall or studs that are 16" on center.

Poultry & Rabbit Crates, (Stocked Products), $52 & $39

High quality, easy to use, transport and also clean with a hose! Great transportation c rate for rabbits & all poultry,

Shelter Logic Auger Anchor (Stocked Product), $6

Our 15" Auger Anchor securely anchors your shelters, tents, canopies, sheds, instant garages, and more to grass or unpacked soil. Strong & durable solution to anchoring your outdoor storage solutions!

Rachet Straps (Stocked Product), $5

High quality inexpensive safety orange rachet straps just in case you forgot them or need a few extra to get your Alaska Farm Supply products safely back home or to the farm

Wood Pallets (Stocked Products), $5 & $10

New A-Grade (USDA certified food grade) wooden pallets. Perfect for a variety of livestock and farm feed/hay storage applications.