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Alaska Heat Ice Melt, Fence Posts, Poultry/Rabbit Crates, Saddle Racks& Accessories

Each of our products on this site is designated either ‘Stocked’ or ‘Ordered’. Stocked products are normally available for purchase at our Palmer warehouse. Ordered products can be brought to our warehouse for purchase in 3 to 6 weeks. There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for ordered products.

Buckle & J-Clips (Stocked Products), $5

High Quality Alaska tough Buckle & J-Cips are excellent for cage, chicken tractor, fence repair and much more!

Wood Pallets (Stocked Product), $5 & $10

New A-Grade (USDA certified food grade) wooden pallets. Perfect for a variety of livestock and farm feed/hay storage applications.

Rachet Straps (Stocked Product), $5

High quality inexpensive safety orange rachet straps just in case you forgot them or need a few extra to get your Alaska Farm Supply products safely back home or to the farm

Alaska Heat Ice Melt (Stocked Products), $9.39 & $17.49

Melts ice at -15F, pet & livestock friendly, not harmful to vegetation, environmentally safe, non-staining purple dye for controlled application, lab tested & more effective than rock salts, safer to use on concrete & asphalt, Ideal for residential & commercial applications, contractors choice for walk-behind & tailgate spreaders, creates instant traction & works really fast!

Heavy Duty T-Post Driver (Stocked Product), $35

21lbs, made with 8 gauge industrial grade steel & two large tapered handles make it comfortable to hold. This means that it takes less effort to install a t-post because gravity will do the job. Just lift the driver and drop!

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