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Each of our products on this site is designated either ‘Stocked’ or ‘Ordered’. Stocked products are normally available for purchase at our Palmer warehouse. Ordered products can be brought to our warehouse for purchase in 3 to 6 weeks. There is NO SHIPPING CHARGE for ordered products.

T-Post Clip Bender (Stocked Product), $16

Product Details:
An "Alaska Tough" tool that saves you time, frustration and is extremely easy to use!

Rachet Straps (Stocked Product), $5

Product Details:
High quality inexpensive safety orange rachet straps just in case you forgot them or need a few extra to get your Alaska Farm Supply products safely back home or to the farm

High Quality Fence & Panel Staples (Stocked Product), $79, $10 and $7

Product Details:
The highest quality Sstaples on the market!
Length: 1 3/4″ Two Barb
Weight: 25, 2 & 1lb Boxes
Material: Class 3 Galvanized (hot dipped)!

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