“We are devoted to providing high-quality products at an affordable price. We strive to provide products that are made for Alaska with your animals in mind.”

All Alaska Hay & Feed Supply products on this site are designated either as ‘Stocked’ or ‘Out of Stock’. Stocked Bedding is available for purchase at Alaska Farm Supply.

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All Bedding purchases will be ” first come, first serve”. Due to the fluctuation of our bedding supply we are no longer able to accept advance orders on bedding.

ALL bedding purchases using a credit card will be charged a 2% credit card service fee.

Bedding Products

Straw (Stocked Product), $19.75 & $49

Premium quality 50-55lb compact and 90lb non-compact straw bales are perfect for animal bedding, R-value insulation, gardens, seed coverings, moisture collection and lawn decorations. Non-GMO & free of chemicals & preservatives...

GEM White Shavings (Stocked Product), $20.75

Premier quality kiln dried white shavings. Drastically absorbs more & is considered the best shavings for livestock that money can buy...

Animal Bedding Pellets w/ Odor Control (Stocked Product), $16.95

Highly absorbent pellets keep stalls fresh & clean longer! Each bag (40lb) contains 100% natural wood with Zeolites added...

Stall Dry (Stocked Product), $23.50

All-natural, non-toxic, organic & safe to use! Neutralizes ammonia while absorbing odors & moisture. Great for chickens, ducks, goats, horses & all livestock that make a smelly mess...

Organic Coconut Coir 11lb Block (Stocked Product), $13.00

Our livestock, reptile & garden coconut coir is 100% organic, non-GMO, pre-washed & made of natural coconut fiber, it’s non-toxic, odorless & safe for your livestock or pets...