Wire Strainer (#1703 and #1703C):

  • These strainers are used to keep tension on high tensile wire in a high tensile fence
  • Tighten with 5/8″ socket or handle
  • Made in the USA
  • $5 each

Porcelain End Insulated Wire Strainer (1703P): Our insulated wire strainer is superior in design and is made to last. High strain end insulator built in. Tighten with 9/16” open end wrench or or handle, $6.75 each.

Strainer Handle (#1701):

  • Tension measuring scale on handle
  • Universal – fits all
  • Heavy riveted construction
  • Dare high quality product
  • Install in fence line to periodically renew tension
  • Used with Porcelain End Insulated Wire Strainer or Wire Strainer.
  • used with #1703, 1703C and #1703P)
  • $8 each

No-Cut In-Line Wire Strainer (#2775): Used to tighten high tensile & other smooth fence wire. Tighten with handle or 1/2″ drive socket handle. Made with die-cast zinc, 10lbs. $4 each.

No-cut wire strainer handle (#2776): used for tightening no cut in-line wire strainer. Heavy duty material, 2lbs. Used with no-cut wire strainer #2775. $26 each.

Plastic In-Line Tensioner (#2341): Use with electric rope and electric fence wire gauges 14 thru 18. Molded of engineering grade polymer. $5 each

HANDLE for Plastic In-Line Tensioner (#2770): $21 each

In-Line Wire Strainer Handle (#1704): Spring loaded for safe, rapid tensioning. Heavy duty galvanized steel for long life. Use on 1703, 1703-C & 1703-P wire strainers. $16 each.

Tension Measuring Spring: Install in each fence line together with strainer. Necessary to keep wires taut during temperature changes. Use to determine tension on wires. All parts are hot dip galvanized and exceed type III specifications. $8.75 each

Wire Strainer/Tightener, Handles & Springs, (Stocked Products)