Stocked Product
Stocked Product

Product Details

Length: 1 1/2″” Two Barb, 70+ per pound
Weight: Sold in 25lb, 2lb and 1lb Boxes
Material: Class 3 Galvanized Steel

Product Description

All of our fence staples are constructed from class 3 galvanized steel, are 1 5/8″ in length, and are designed with a two-barb structure. Thanks to their 8.5 gauge strength, this type of livestock fence staple can easily stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Fence staples are available in 25lb, 2lb and 1lb boxes.

If you are interested in learning about the differences between fence staples vs nails or more about our fence staples for sale, get in touch with the professional team from Alaska Farm Supply today. Our team members are experts in all things farm fencing related and they can help you select the ideal products for your specific livestock fencing needs.

Fence & Panel Staples (Stocked Product), $79, $10 & $7