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Our high quality Wire Cage Clips offers plenty of uses around the farm, shops, and home. These durable metal clips are very handy and they are specially created to help assemble and repair 14-19 gauge wire panels for rabbit hutches, cages, pet homes, and other wire pieces. The ferrule-type fastener will attach around wire to secure it together. Each 100 ct package assembles one to two wire products of average sizes.

Cage Clip pliers Available Too!

“We’ve been using these for years, for anytime we need to connect pieces of welded or woven wire fencing together. Whether for rabbit cages, chicken tractors, or just plain old fencing, these are easier, faster and more secure than using wire to tie pieces together.” – 2021 North Canadian Customer

Cage, Chicken Tractor & Fence Repair Buckle and J-Clips (Stocked Product), $5