Gem Premier White Shavings are a mix of kiln-dried douglas fir and true firs.

GEM White contains almost no phenols (chemical compounds in “pitch/resin” which provides three very important benefits:

-The shavings will absorb more fluids than other woods.

-The shavings are essentially a hypoallergenic bedding material (Phenols are the main culprits of allergic reactions in animals to bedding)

-The Shavings will break down into compost approximately 5 times faster than pine or other wood shavings. 

After GEM’s triple filtering process removes the “fines” (wood dust), we compact and package the shavings into bales approximately four cubic feet that will expand to approximately 12 cubic feet. In our mind, these shavings are the best bedding available.

GEM White Shavings (Stocked Product), $19.25