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Stocked Product (8′ by 6′ not fully assembled)
Stocked Product (8′ by 6′)
Stocked Product (8′ by 6′)
Stocked Product (8′ by 6′)
Stocked Product (8′ by 6′)
Stocked Product (20′ by 10″)
Stocked Product (20′ by 10″)

Product Details

The GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ roll-up side vents delivers quality construction, quick and easy assembly, and best-in-class value. Ready to build out of the box, the GrowIT Greenhouse-in-a-Box® with Easy-Flow™ features a powder-coated 1-3/8 in. steel frame with ShelterLock steel stabilizers for added strength and durability. The translucent, ripstop cover is waterproof and UV-treated, providing enhanced illumination for plant growth and protection. Easy Slide cross rails ensure a snug cover fit while Ratchet Tite tensioning provides solid cover anchoring to the frame. Easy-Flow™ side panels and zippered half-moon end-panel vents provide airflow and temperature control.


  • *Sturdy 1-3/8″ all steel frame is bonded with DuPont™ thermoset baked-on, powder-coated finish that prevents chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion.
  • *ClearView® triple-layer, heat-bonded ripstop translucent cover is waterproof and UV-treated inside and out, providing enhanced illumination designed specifically for plant growth and protection.
  • *Patented ShelterLock™ stabilizers ensure rock solid stability and deliver a more durable shelter.
  • *Easy Slide Cross Rail™ system locks down and squares up frame.
  • *Ratchet-Tite™ tensioning on each corner delivers ultimate frame-to-fabric fit and makes for an easier installation.
  • *Vented half-moon zippered screen windows on each end allow airflow and temperature control.

Shelter Logic 8′ length, 6′ width by 6’6″ height, $239

Shelter Logic 10′ length, 10′ width by 8′ height, $399

Shelter Logic 20′ length, 10′ width by 8′ height, $599

Shelter Logic Greenhouses, 20′ x 10′, 10′ x 10′ and 8′ x 6′ (Stocked Products)