Are you looking for a high-quality, non-GMO feed for your chicken flock? Our House Brand No Corn/No Soy Layer Pellets are specifically formulated with premium ingredients made for Alaska, with your animals’ needs in mind.

These pellets contain a minimum of 16% protein and are a complete feed, meaning they can be fed as a sole ration. Our No Corn/No Soy Layer Pellets are free of corn and soy, making them a great choice for birds with allergies or sensitivities to these common ingredients.

Our House Brand No Corn/No Soy Layer Pellets are carefully formulated to promote healthy birds and maximum egg production. Give your hens the best with our premium, non-GMO feed. Order now and see the difference for yourself!”

Discounts are available for bulk orders (min 2 pallets) and also full containers. Contact Alaska Farm Supply for more information. Feed contains all USDA certified ingredients and is USDA certified scaled.

16% Corn & Soy Free Layer Pellets, $37.50 (Stocked Product)