Our Reindeer Pellets are a high-quality feed that is specially formulated to support the health and well-being of reindeer. These pellets contain 13% protein and are made with a blend of nutrients to provide essential support for growth and development.

Our Reindeer Pellets are suitable for all stages of life and should be fed with other grain/as a supplement to hay and pasture. They are highly palatable and easy to digest, making them an excellent choice for supporting the health and well-being of your reindeer.

Whether you are a small-scale reindeer farmer or a large-scale reindeer operation, our Reindeer Pellets are an excellent choice for supporting the health and well-being of your animals. We are confident that your reindeer will thrive on these premium pellets, and we appreciate your choice in our brand.

Major difference between our premium feed compared to competitors:

*Tripple screen technology – no powder in bags that’s commonly found from poor mill process.

*100% “premium” consistent ingredients (same farmer commodity source) to ensure your reindeer only receive the best. This results in a consistent pellet that’s always the same based on lab analysis.

*Inspected and certified mill that exceeds human food grade cleanliness all standards commonly found in almost all other reindeer feeds.

*Meets and exceeds recommended requirements from the University of Alaska Reindeer Project.

*Designed by certified nationally recognized nutritionists with Alaska specific needs.

*Most importantly we own reindeer at Alaska Farm Supply, only want the best for our deer and why we only use this feed!

Premium Reindeer D Ration Plus Pellets (Stocked Product), $29.15