Stocked Product

We are always looking for new hays to offer, that’s why we have sourced our wonderful Orchard grass hay from Oregon and Washington area to offer a softer hay for your senior horse and livestock animals.

  • Orchard Grass is a highly palatable grass with a high nutrient content.
  • Orchard Grass is higher in protein (10-14%), higher in calorie content and contains the same balanced levels of calcium and phosphorus as Timothy grass. The higher calorie content of Orchard Grass is a result of higher fiber digestibility compared to Timothy Grass.
  • The high nutrient intake delivered by Orchard Grass hay translates into potentially less grain the horse would need to eat to satisfy energy and protein requirements.
  • Orchard Grass produces consistent soft texture hay that horses readily consume with minimal or no waste.

Guaranteed to be Non-GMO and free of chemical preservatives. Double Compressed technology 57-65lb bales that only take a fraction of the space compared to almost all other bales. Based on 2021 & 2022 USDA certified lab analysis Alaskan hay has 14-18% moisture content, mold and most importantly very low nutrients. Our hand-picked Alaska Hay and Feed Supply bales are super loaded with natural nutrients, only have a fraction of the moisture content and are weighed on certified USDA scales (true weight), so right off the bat you get more hay for your buck. You and your livestock will notice the difference!

1st Cutting: $800 per ton = 40 cents per pound. $23.53 for 59lb bale (USDA Avg certified weight per ton)

2nd Cutting: $964.45 per ton = 48.22 cents per pound. $28.37 for 59lb bale (USDA Avg certified weight per ton)

Bales are USDA certified scaled and are 57 to 65lbs. Discounts are available for bulk orders that are for at least 2 wraps or pallets (24 bales per wrap).

Contact Alaska Farm Supply for more information.

Orchard Grass Hay (Stocked Product), $23.53 per 59lb bale, $800 per ton (34 bales)