Product Details

Height: 6.5′
Length: 165’′
Material: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel
Progressive Hole: bottom 4″ by 6″ fixed knot, top 8″ by 6″ fixed knot
Strength (gauge): 9.5 gauge (top & bottom), 12.5 gauge (vertical)
Weight (approx.): 240lb

Product Description

High tensile deer fence is a popular choice for homeowners, gardeners, and farmers who want to protect their property and crops from damage. The fence is easy to install and maintain, making it a practical solution for those who value convenience and efficiency. Most popular for predator deterrent. Popular secondary uses are chickens, dogs, and perimeter fencing. The fixed knot helps hold the wire in place. High tensile helps stretch the fence extra tight.

6.5′ x 165′ High Tensile Deer Fence (Stocked Product), $309