Product Details:

Now with Faux Lambskin Fleece Cover

This heated livestock & pet mat is designed to automatically heat to your animals body temperature to keep them warm during the fall and winter season. Constructed of durable and weather resistant ABS plastic, the rigid design is perfect for use in a dog house, garage, or kennel. It has a built in thermostat to automatically heat to between 100 – 105° F, the same as your pet’s body temperature. The LED light will indicate the unit is on and heating. The product may feel slightly warm depending on ambient temperature. And the unit will heat whether an animal is on it or not. The heavy-duty ‘anti-chew’ cord protector deters your pet from chewing. One year limited warranty.

  • Constructed of durable, rigid, high-impact ABS plastic
  • Thermostatically controlled to automatically heat to your pet’s body temperature range to keep them warm during the cold season (on 100° F, off 105° F)
  • Available in 3 sizes/watts: Small- 13” x 19”/60-Watts, Medium- 17” x 24”/70-Watts, Large- 24” x 29”/100-Watts
  • Red indicator light shows when unit is operating
  • Heavy-duty “anti-chew” cord protector
  • Weather-resistant for indoor or outdoor use on a hard flat surface
  • Faux lambskin fleece cover included
Large, Medium & Small Heated Livestock Mats (Stocked Products), $107, $84 & $73