Single Lamp Tester: Essential to make spot checks in the field. Tells whether fence is working and helps locate faults such as opens, shorts, and partial grounds. Lamp protected by resistor. $6 each

Multi-Lite Tester: Accurately tests up to 7,000 Volts. Designed for neat storage. Individually carded. $16 each.

Five-O-Lite Tester: Individually carded. Graduated electric fence tester actually shows how many volts are at the charger or on the fence line. Voltages are plainly marked up to 5,000 volts. $13 each.

Night Light Guardian: Flashes rapidly when fence is in good condition. Flash frequency slows as conditions worsen. Highly visible at night up to 1,000 feet or more. Check your fence from any convenient location you choose. Arriving May, 2024, $29

Simple and easy to use for checking your electric fence. Emits a high pitch beep when held near a live wire. Works on any fence energizer brand. Conveniently attaches to your key ring. $17 each

Electric Fence Testers (Stocked Products)