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Spring Loaded Dead Bolt Lock
Spring Loaded Dead Bolt Lock

Product Details

Height: 5′, opening height 7′
Length: 9.5′ opening 7’10”
Material: Powder Coated Black
Strength: Extra Heavy Duty, 2 3/8″, 15 gauge

Product Description

Extra heavy duty gates are specifically designed to pin together with extra heavy duty corral panels in order to create easier access to the pen and most importantly contain very large livestock that push! This kind of quality livestock gate is 5′ high by 9.5′ long, designed with a massive heavy duty spring loaded dead bolt latch and is powder-coated black for added massive strength and durability.

Whether you would like to learn more about livestock panel and gate prices or are looking to purchase livestock gate hinges and latches, we can help you find the perfect solutions for your unique needs. Get in touch with the farm fencing experts from Alaska Farm Supply today to find out if the extra heavy duty panels and gates are the best option for your farm.

Extra Heavy Duty 9.5′ x 7’10” Ride / Walkthrough Gate (Out of Stock), $299