• Durable Material: made of high-quality plastic material, no aging or corrosion worry, long service life. Stainless steel waterer handle is durable enough to hang 1.5L water.
  • Easy to Install & Clean: No tool required, just place upside down the white water or food holder, fill with water or food, and then tighten the red base. For Cleaning: just empty the food or water holder, then rinse it with water.
  • Three waterer height options: The legs on the Chick waterer bottom can be adjusted to three different heights. You can fold the legs for baby chicks or unfold for big hens, or hang by the strong steel handle. It can prevent your poultry tipping over the fresh water.
  • No-Waste Chick Feeder: The Chick Feeder can prevent chickens from scratching out food and eliminate any mess during feeding time, which can save your feeding time and costs.
  • Great for young poultry such as chickens, ducks, geese, birds, pigeons, etc.
  • Available in Orange & Red
Chic Feeder & Drinker (Stocked Products), $10