Non GMO Peas are an excellent alternative protein source in 50lb and 2lb bags.

*An excellent source of protein & starch for livestock.

*Easy to double crop, it comes off early

*Early to establish

*Can also be used for forage

Whistler Winter Peas, released by Progene Research of Washington, are a semi-leafless, white flowered pea with yellow cotyledons. Winter hardy down to 0F, Whistler winter peas are a great addition to satisfy your winter forage needs.

This feed may be fed to all poultry and livestock, excluding horses. Its high protein and amino acid profile make it an ideal way to add protein to poultry diets when used as a scratch or ingredient in poultry feeds.

20% Protein
1% Fat
8% Fiber

Peas (Stocked Product), $26.75 & $5