Premium forge-based source of feed (1/4″ pellets) for horses, cattle and other livestock in support of metabolic and crushing’s horses.

GUARANTEED ANALAYSIS: Crude Protein: min 11%, Crude Fat: min 2.0%, Crude Fiber: max 35%, ADF: max 39%, Calcium: min 0.3% – max 0.6%, Phosphorus: min 0.15%, Ash: max 10%.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Non-GMO sun cured Teff grass hay

Feed as a forage supplement for horses. Keep stored in a cool dry place, Keep fresh water available at all times. Soaking pelleted feed is recommended for horses with dental issues or with horses that might gulp their food. Feed 1-2 pounds per day along with a vitamin mineral supplement.

*Low Sugar and high Omega 3’s!*

Haystack Teff Pellets (Stocked Product), $28