• Flexibility: Attach to a ring or loop, or tie to the stall or livestock trailer; to help you feed with confidence
  • Big and Durable: the hay bags measures 40 inches long when fully stretched, and are made of durable nylon netting with a sturdy rope at the top that can hold about 3 to 5 flakes of hay
  • Helps Regulate Digestion: designed with small 2 x 2 inch holes, the hay net for livestock & horses are helpful in preventing the swallowing too much food or air while eating, slowing down their eating speed to reduce stomach problems or indigestion
  • Reduce Food Waste: small mesh hole netting of the slow feed hay nets for livestock & horses reduces over spill and hay mess when horses are eating, which saves you time and energy while improving their overall digestibility
  • Versatile: the hay net for livestock & horses is ideal for use in barns, paddocks, trailers, and more, to keeps hay off the barn floor or out of the mud in the paddock, keep hay clean and dry, helping to reduce waste
  • Available in Black or Red
Slow Feed Hay Net (Stocked Product), $11