Rubber Gate Handle: RUB’RGATE soft pliable rubber outer case internally reinforced with semi-rigid, non-conductive vinyl inner tube. This provides a firm grip and acts as an extra layer of insulation. Generous, sensibly spaced flanges allow plenty of hand room. Large, heavy stamped steel plated safety hook. Enclosed spring stretches 3 1/2″ to keep wire taut. Available in both white & yellow. $4 each.

Premium Gate Handle: Extra-large flanges prevent getting shocked. Heavy duty inner spring and large stamped hook for superior conductivity and ease of use. Reinforced tension spring for long life. Molded of high-density polyethylene with UV inhibitors. Available in black. $4.75 each

Steel Cased Gate Handle. Unbreakable. BLACK.

  • Safety hook and body formed as one…from 7/8″ diameter steel pipe.
  • Spring mechanism consists of 4 1/4″ long compression spring fastened to a 5/16″ diameter eyebolt.
  • All metal parts permanently assembled using 20 tons of force. No flimsy snap-on/push-on fasteners used anywhere.
  • Large insulating grip measures 5 1/8″ long with a 2 1/4″ diameter flange for extra shock protection. Molded of a soft flexible material that will not chip, crack or break when abused.
  • Performs in any climate. Metal parts plated to resist rust. Molded grip contains carbon black to deter UV rays.
  • The heaviest, toughest DARE electric fence gate handle ever.

$6 each

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