Lind Marine’s Pacific Pearl Oyster Shell Lay Blend is an exceptional product made from 100% pure oyster shell. The product has been carefully formulated to include a variation of shell sizes ranging from 1/8 inch to 3/8 inch, all blended together to ensure a uniform shell mix.

This product is ideal for poultry owners who want to promote optimum dietary calcium utilization for enhancing eggshell quality in their layers. The Pacific Pearl Oyster Shell Lay Blend contains high-quality calcium that helps to strengthen the eggshells of your layers, making them less prone to breakage during transport and storage.

This premium product is available in 50 lb. bags, making it convenient for farmers who require a large amount of oyster shell for their poultry. The blend is also easy to use, and you can simply add it to your layer’s feed to improve their eggshell quality.

It is made from 100% oyster shell and features a variation of shell sizes that are carefully blended to create a uniform shell mix. This product promotes optimum dietary calcium utilization, ensuring your layers have strong and healthy eggshells.

Oyster Shell can be used as an additional source of calcium for laying hens as well as a digestible source of grit. This product should be provided free choice to allow hens to self-regulate their intake to best suit their individual needs.

Oyster shell can also be used as a calcium source in gardening and a soil amendment to prevent compaction and improve drainage. Oyster Shell’s high calcium content helps balance soil pH, prevent calcium deficiencies, improve nitrogen uptake, and more! 

Ingredients:  100% All-Natural Oyster Shell in 50lb and 5lb bags

Oyster Shells (Stocked Product), $25 & $5