Looking for a natural and effective way to aid in the digestion process for your poultry? Our Hen Grit #2 and Chick Grit #1 is here to help. This multi-purpose grit is made of sharp, crushed rock and can be used to support the digestive process in poultry.

Our Hen Grit #2 and Chick Grit #1 is made from 100% quartzite and is environmentally friendly. It can also be used as a natural alternative to harsh salts, which can cause flaking and scaling of concrete.

Include our Hen Grit #2 and #1 in your poultry’s diet to support their digestive health and give them the best chance for optimal health and well-being. Order now and see the difference for yourself!”

Hen Grit #2 & Chick Grit #1 (Stocked Product), $26.50