• Quality & Comfort: Our premium horse hoof pick brushes have soft rubber handles for comfort. They are designed for easily removing dirt and mud from your hooves; With an affordable price and color options, these brushes are ideal for daily use, replacement, and sharing; They are not only practical but also beautiful, making them a nice addition to your horse grooming kit.
  • Keep Hooves Healthy: the 2 in 1 hoof brush set is specifically created for animals with hooves and is ideal for maintaining their hoof health by getting rid of dirt, rocks, and other harmful debris.
  • Practical and Useful Design: the hoof pick with brush is designed with a diagonal pick that cannot bend, allowing for effective cleaning and leverage for horses without shoes; Additionally, it includes sturdy nylon bristles for extra cleaning.
  • Sturdy and Reliable: the hoof brushes are equipped with a rubber handle that provides a comfortable grip and reinforced with steel to create a sturdy hook; This allows for easy cleaning of hooves, keeping them healthy and away from dirt.
  • Wide Range of Use: this brush is versatile and can be utilized for cleaning tasks both in the home and stable; It is effective in removing mud from the hooves of horses, goats, sheep, reindeer and can also be applied to clean work boots or shoes that have mud on them.
Hoof Pick Brushes (Stocked Product), $5