“Seamless Growth, Nutritious Transition: From our House brand Chick-to-Layer Crumble!”
Introduction: Our Chick-to-Layer Crumble is a complete feed that is designed to provide your young
chicks with all the essential nutrients & vitamins they need during their growth journey, from the chick
stage to becoming healthy and productive laying hens. With this specially formulated feed, you can
seamlessly transition your chicks into pullets without the need for any additional pullet feeds.
Key Benefits:

  1. Complete Nutrition: Our Chick-to-Layer Crumble is carefully balanced to support optimal
    growth, bone development, and immune health, ensuring your chicks receive the best start in
  2. No Need for Pullet Feeds: With our premium feed, you won’t have to worry about switching
    feeds as your chicks grow into pullets. This convenient feed covers the entire chick to pullet
  3. Vital Vitamins & Minerals: Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, this
    crumble promotes healthy feathers, and overall well-being.
  4. Balanced Protein Levels: Our formula provides the right balance of protein to support muscle
    development and healthy growth.
  5. Probiotics for Gut Health: Added probiotics support a healthy gut environment, enhancing
    nutrient absorption and digestive efficiency.
  6. Economical Solution: Eliminating the need for multiple feeds saves you time, effort, and money
    while ensuring consistent, top-notch nutrition.
    Feeding Guide:
  • Week 1-4: Feed Chick-to-Layer Crumble exclusively, ensuring access to fresh, clean water at all
  • Week 5-16: Continue feeding Chick-to-Layer Crumble as the main diet. Supplement with scratch
    and Grit.
  • Week 17 and Beyond: Your pullets are now ready for our Layer Feed. Transition them smoothly
    to the Layer Feed to support egg production and maintenance.
  • Conclusion: With our Chick-to-Layer Crumble, you’re providing your chicks with the perfect foundation
    for a healthy and productive future as laying hens. No need to worry about changing feeds during the
    chick to Layer phase – we’ve got you covered with this comprehensive and convenient feeding solution!
    “Chick-to-Layer Crumble: Your Chickens’ Pathway to Happy Laying Hens!”

Discounts are available for bulk orders (min 2 pallets) and also full containers. Contact Alaska Farm Supply for more information. Feed contains all USDA certified ingredients and is USDA certified scaled. 50lb and 6.5lb bags.

Chick Starter/Grower Crumble (Stocked Product), $29.50 & $8