Product Details

Height: 5′
Length: 660′
Material: Class 1 hot dipped galvanized steel
Progressive Hole: bottom 4″ by 12″ fixed knot, top 8″ by 12″ fixed knot
Strength (gauge): 12
Weight (approx.): 300 lb
Specifications: 10-60-12

Product Description

Most popular for bison, cattle, and perimeter fencing. Popular secondary uses are game and predator deterrent.

The fence is high tensile and commonly used for bison and cattle. The woven fixed knot helps keep the wires in place. The line wires are approximately 175 KSI high tensile. The stay wires are approximately 125 KSI high tensile. The knot wire is approximately 60 KSI high tensile.

High Tensile Bison & Cattle Fence 5′ x 660′ (Stocked Product), $619