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Product Details

Length: 900′
Weight: 50 lb roll
Material: Class one galvanized
Strength: 12.5 gauge double strand

Product Description

While barbless double strand wire offers a wide variety of different uses, it is especially ideal for fencing large areas for horses. Since this type of fencing wire is available at a cost-effective price, you will be able to easily set up a large area for your horses without going over budget. All barbless double strand wire material is class 1 galvanized for extra durability and offers a 12.5-gauge strength.

If you are looking for barbless double strand wire for sale or if you are wanting to learn more about the cost of barbless double strand wire, we can help. Get in touch with our team of farm fencing experts today to find out more about barbless double strand wire and whether or not it is the right fencing wire for your needs.

Barbless Double Strand Wire Fence (Stocked Product), $144