1. Get a pipe or a bucket (Everything you think is suitable as a water feeder).
2. Drill holes according to your actual needs and pilot hole size, it is recommended that 3 chicken share 1 nipple, and the nipples should not be too close to each other.
3. Screw the nipples into the holes and seal tightly with water sealing plumbers tape.
4. No leakage & it’s done.

Color: Red
Material: Durable plastic & stainless steel

With poultry screw style drinking nipples, you will never see the mess caused by water bowls or other traditional waterers again. These poultry drinking nipples are made of durable plastic & stainless steel, and the nipples can be removed thus you can clean them easily when needed.

Wide applications:
You can apply poultry screw style nipples on pipes, buckets and more to make a convenient and sanitary water feeder for chicken, geese, broilers, breeders, pullets, ducks and game birds, etc. They will get clean and fresh water easily from these 360 degree drinking nipples.

Poultry Drinking Nipples (Stocked Product), $2