When winter comes and the temperatures start to drop, don’t forget about the needs of your outdoor animals. With the Farm Innovators 3-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket, you’ll be able to keep water from freezing and cracking the bucket during cold temperatures. This 12-quart rubber heated bucket is designed to handle low temperatures and is tested up to negative 35 degrees F. The built-in thermostat controls the heating so it only operates when needed, saving you money on your electricity bill. The heavy-duty 70-watt cord features a chew-proof design and the buckets heating element is hidden from animals for added safety. Don’t worry about lifting or pouring either because the bucket comes equipped with a sturdy handle for easy carrying. The flat back design stabilizes the bucket so when you are hanging it on a wall it won’t spill or get in the way. Created from recycled rubber that is strong, flexible, and durable, this heated bucket can withstand the elements. Have confidence that your animals will be taken care of during the cold season. The Farm Innovators 3-Gallon Flat-Back Heated Bucket is durable enough to handle extremely cold climates without compromise.

  • Strong, flexible, and durable rubber resists cold weather cracking down to -35°F (-37°C)
  • Flat back provides stability when hung on a wall
  • Thermostatically controlled to operate only when necessary
  • Made from rubber for long lasting durability
  • Heavy-duty “anti-chew” cord protector
  • Table of measurements
3 Gallon Heated Rubber Flat-back Bucket (Stocked Product), $49