These halters and lead ropes are nice choices for friends who love keeping pets, readily impressing them. You can put these collars on your pets on special occasions.
The sheep & goat collar adopts an adjustable design, which can adjust the size to a certain extent and is convenient to wear. Collar: $3, Lead: $3

Material: nylon
Lead: 11″
Width of goat collar: approx. 0.98″
Adjustable length: approx. 13-22″


  • Sheep & Goat Collar: diverse colors will adorn your goat and differentiate them, easy for you to classify and distinguish flock; These collar sets are also thoughtful gifts for pet owners
  • Quality Nylon: the sheep & goat lead & collar is convenient, easily interactive and controls goats; The lead is made of quality nylon, sturdy and wear resistant, not easy to break; It is about 11 inches long, convenient for you to control goats
  • Collar: the collar is made of soft quality nylon; It is in medium size, and has an adjustable length; The width is about 0.98 inch, and the adjustable length range is about 13-22 inches.
  • Safety Buckle: the nylon goat collar has a safety buckle that can be released when pressed, which is very convenient to open; The stainless steel ring on the collar makes it easy to add bronze bells and leashes onto the collar, corrosion resistant for long term use
  • Wide Range of Applications: the leash and collar can be applied for your livestock’s daily activities, preventing them from escaping and getting lost; The leashes are also suitable for animal shelters, pet grooming salons, animal hospitals & animal rescues.
Sheep and Goat Collars & Leads (Stocked Products), $3 each