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Length: 4′, 5′ & 6′ High, 100′ Long
Weight: 90lbs, 107lbs & 134lbs
Material: Class 1 galvanized steel and then coated with high quality black PVC for ultimate protection, longevity and ability to blend into the background.
Strength: 12.5 Gauge

Product Description

2″ x 4″ Hole Structure

If you are looking for the ideal welded utility fence built for dogs, gardening, goats, dogs, chickens and sheep, our 4. 5′ & 6′ HD welded PVC coated utility fence 100′ provides 12.5-gauge strength for added durability and longevity. This type of 4′, 5′ & 6′ welded mesh fencing is constructed from class 1 galvanized steel, has a high-quality PVC coating and features a 2″x-4″ hole structure. The HD welded utility fence is available in 100′ rolls and only weighs 90lbs (4′), 107lbs (5′) & 134lbs (6′).

To learn more about HD welded utility fence with PVC coating 100′ or about our other galvanized welded utility farm fence solutions, get in touch with our expert team today. We would love to help you choose the ideal HD welded utility fence for your livestock, gardening or home needs.

Heavy Duty Black PVC Coated Welded Utility Fence 4′, 5′ & 6′ x 100′ (Stocked Products), $219, $269 & $294