Our premium hay Mix is personally selected by the Alaska Hay & Feed Supply team on a twice a year trip to Ellensburg, Washington, to ensure you only get the best quality.

  • *We guarantee our hay is non-GMO and has no drying agents on the hay.
  • We ensure our hay is sourced by as few farmers as possible to ensure reliable products.
  • *We Honor our commitment to our customers and give a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • *Our hay is thoroughly checked from the hay Field, hay Yard, Hay press, then our facility for a thoroughly inspected product to ensure your animals get only the best.


What on earth is a hay sleeve?
Our hay sleeves are double compressed bales measuring at 4ft L x 3ft H X 4 ft W. The bales are wrapped in UV protective and Weatherproof sleeves that are open on both sides, which makes for easy feeding in any climate.

Weatherproof and UV Protected coverings?
We chose the design of our hay sleeves to be weatherproof and UV protected due to our climate here in Alaska. Since our summer days are filled with lots of sunshine (and sometimes lots of rain) we wanted to find a way to protect our products to ensure that your critters can still enjoy their favorite food without all of the sun bleaching or high moisture.

Why are they double compressed?
Our bales consist of 4 sections of double compressed hay. The double compression of our bales ensures that the hay won’t break apart as easily and your critters will not eat through it as quickly as a standard round bale as well as allow for much more space saved for transportation and storage.

How much will they weigh?
The weight will be approximately 950 to 1,025 lbs depending on cut.
The feeding value of our sleeves is the equivalent of two round bales.

What mixes will you be offering?
We have a few different mixes coming your way.
-Timothy/Bluegrass (Grade A)
-Timothy/Perennial Grass (lower price)

Timothy Hay Sleeves (Available between April & October)