Stocked Product, Butte Customer
Stocked Product, Wasilla Customer (roof removed during sunny day)
Stocked Product, Butte Customer
Stocked Product
Stocked Product
Stocked Product (Alaska Farm Supply Models)

Product Details

4’ wide x 5.6’ high
Slow feeder top grain tray bottom
Keeps hay dry to prevent waste

Product Description

A sheep and goat feeder with roof is the ideal hay feeder for slowly feeding goats and sheep while they are outside in their pen or in the pasture. This type of livestock feeder is made from galvanized metal and is 4′ wide x 5′ 6″ high. All covered sheep and goat feeders come with a slow feeder top and a grain tray bottom and are specifically designed to keep hay dry to prevent any unnecessary waste.

If you would like to learn more about our selection of sheep and goat feeders including the sheep and goat feeder with roof, get in touch with the farm fencing experts from Alaska Farm Supply today. We would love to help you select the perfect livestock feeder for your animals.

Sheep & Goat Feeder with Roof (Stocked Product), $449